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Manufacturers new to automation may be hesitant to jump into using a work cell. Here’s why work cells are the best option for manufacturers of any size.

Automation can be intimidating. However, with a custom work cell from iGAM, it’s easy to improve production capacity and throughput without the headache of picking equipment individually.

Learn more about customizing your own work cell and the benefits it offers for your company below!

Custom work cells for optimized production capabilities

What is a robotic work cell?

As defined on our glossary, a robotic work cell is a complete system composed of one or more robots and controllers. Brand name robots such as KUKA, FANUC, and ABB robots are typically used because of their reliable and well-established machinery.

Depending on the work cell’s applications, other equipment such as PLCs, HMIs, and more may be added to complete the cell.

Work cells can be easily integrated into your manufacturing line. Since they are a turnkey automation solution, they provide everything you need to perform a job, such as material handling, welding, and more.

Why should you customize a work cell?

Customizing a work cell versus buying a standard pre-made work cell offers your facility the exact machining your production line needs.

Your product and production process are unique. With a custom work cell, you can ensure that your standards of quality are being met.

Our sister company, NRTC Automation, explains the simplified process of designing your own work cell:

  • Step 1: Determine what job the work cell will be doing.
  • Step 2: Develop an outline of the tasks being performed.
  • Step 3: Choose robots with the right applications to do the job.
  • Step 4: Select a positioner to move the product down the line.
  • Step 5: Create a layout to efficiently (and safely) complete the task.

Once you determine your automation needs, iGAM and NRTC Automation work together to build, engineer, and install a work cell in your facility.

Benefits of using work cells

Work cells will transform your capacity for production.

The top benefits of adding a work cell include:

  • Minimizing downtime caused by delays and bottlenecks on the production line
  • Reducing human error
  • Improving product quality and uniformity
  • Reducing lead time for more satisfied customers
  • Increasing scalability for demand

A work cell will make you a more dependable and productive manufacturer that customers can rely on when they need your product. That means a more loyal customer base and a greater bottom line for your company.

Affordable automation solutions with iGAM and NRTC Automation

The iGAM Marketplace is designed to help you find what you need with ease. When it comes to automation, we are your source for ready-to-work industrial robots and work cells.

We have pre-made work cells and weld cells available on our website. If you are determined to customize your own work cell, visit our Flex Cells page here to learn more about our single, double, and triple robot solutions.

iGAM offers financing so manufacturers of any size and phase can grow their company.

We provide two ways to finance:

  • Fill out the quick application on the product page and choose the best financing plan from the nation’s top lenders.
  • Apply for credit with our partner Behalf and purchase any equipment you need while making low monthly payments.

Visit iGAM today to improve productivity and minimize downtime on your warehouse floor.

Work with the best

One of our customers stated their satisfaction with our sister company’s work cells: “We had to construct a building from the ground up, and NRTC Automation was able to help us integrate and build all the cells needed for that project. With NRTC’s work cells, we’ve increased capacity and throughput by over 200%.”

iGAM and NRTC Automation are the preferred choice for decommissioning and automation solutions for industrial manufacturers, including top auto manufacturers such as Toyota, Mercedes, Ford, and others. Together, we make automation accessible for every manufacturer looking to improve their production line.

Automate with us today

iGAM is the leading online marketplace for used industrial robots, robot parts, and manufacturing equipment.

We specialize in providing affordable products that meet the demands of your business and enjoy working with our customers to deliver the results they expect. With unbeatable prices, selection, and customer service, iGAM aims to be the ultimate destination for automation products across the industry and an essential part of every manufacturer’s asset management strategy.

Contact a friendly iGAM Specialist to learn more about how we can help you meet your production goals.


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iGAM is the leading online marketplace for used industrial robots, robot parts, and manufacturing equipment. Providing quality industrial equipment at an affordable price, iGAM has helped manufacturers of all sizes with their automation goals. Keep your production line up and running with products and services from iGAM. From supplying Industrial Automation equipment to asset appraisals, iGAM aims to be the ultimate destination for every manufacturer’s industrial automation needs.

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