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Don’t let money get in the way of your goals. Finance to automate your facility for enhanced productivity.

Small manufacturers looking to automate their production lines may hesitate due to financial concerns.

These limitations may seem insurmountable at first, but financing eases the burden by making automation accessible with low monthly payments.

Are you one of those manufacturers? Learn more about the benefits financing industrial equipment below to let go of fear and jump into growth.

Financing industrial manufacturing equipment

Financing versus buying

Financing is the process of applying for a monthly payment plan with payments that are lower than the original lump sum of the product.

Buying outright might make sense in some cases. For example, purchasing several $500 Sew Eurodrive MDV60A0055-5A3-4-00 Drive Inventors in one payment may make sense for mid-sized manufacturers who have the revenue to support that purchase.

Other smaller businesses may struggle to add the equipment they need to their facility due to budget constraints, so they may consider financing instead.

Benefits of financing

Financing is beneficial to manufacturers of all sizes, phases, and industries.

  • Low monthly payments: Financing offers lower payments, making industrial automation more accessible for everyone.
  • Flexibility: With the ability to finance, manufacturers have greater flexibility in their budget to acquire the equipment they need.
  • Immediate growth capabilities: Manufacturers don’t have to wait until they reach certain profitability before they expand. Financing allows them to purchase industrial robots and work cells so they can start growing sooner.
  • Enhanced productivity: Finally, financing equipment enhances productivity because it quickly adds equipment to production that improve throughput and capacity.

Drawbacks of financing

As long as you are purchasing the right equipment, there aren’t many drawbacks to financing.

One downside may be that your purchase is extended across several months rather than at one time, which may make tracking the payments difficult.

However, as long as your budget is in line and orderly, you shouldn’t have to worry about missing a payment.

How to finance with iGAM and NRTC Automation

Need equipment now to boost production? Great! iGAM is here to help.

We provide two ways to finance:

  • Fill out the quick application on the product page and choose the best financing plan from the nation’s top lenders.
  • Apply for credit with our partner Behalf and purchase any equipment you need while making low monthly payments.

Visit iGAM today to improve productivity and minimize downtime on your warehouse floor.

Are you looking to jump into automation, but don’t know where to start?

NRTC Automation can guide you from start to finish. Their Automation Services will get you on the fast track to start increasing throughput and capacity in your facility. We’ll work with you to design, build, and engineer a custom work cell for your production needs.

We work with top auto manufacturers like Toyota, Ford, and BMW, as well as small- to mid-sized manufacturers looking to grow their businesses. With over a decade of experience, and with our professional engineers and technicians, we provide some of the best automation solutions in the industry.

Get ahead of the competition and start automating with iGAM and NRTC Automation today.

Picking the right equipment for your facility

Avoid the mistake of adding the wrong equipment to your production line. Contact an iGAM Specialist to discuss connectivity, payloads, programming, and more.

Give us a call at (855) 678-iGAM (4426) or fill out the form on our Contact Us page by clicking the button below.

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