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Industrial automation is possible for any manufacturer, and these products will help them meet their goals.

At iGAM, we believe that automation is the key to success in manufacturing in every industry.

Our world is fast-paced, and customers expect manufacturers to keep up with the times. The only way to do that and meet the demand is through automation.

Automation doesn’t have to be intimidating or difficult. With a bit of knowledge and guidance, anyone can automate their facilities, even on a budget.

Learn more about the industrial automation products you need for your facility and how iGAM and NRTC Automation can help below.

Meet 7 industrial automation products you need to automate

Automating is possible for any manufacturer

In manufacturing, change takes time, and that’s why iGAM made it our mission to make it easier for manufacturers to automate when they are ready.

Automating production lines from start to finish is now a possibility thanks to decades of innovation and expertise. You might even say it’s necessary in this day and age to keep up with the competition.

No matter their size, manufacturing companies can automate their factories and should take advantage of technology to grow.

Benefits of automation

Automating production has the potential to transform your company. Reach a global audience and get competitive in your industry after experiencing the following benefits of industrial robots and equipment:

  • Minimize downtime: Bottlenecks and other delays are reduced when you automate your manufacturing process. Plus, industrial robots and manufacturing equipment can run for hours on end through the night, maximizing your productivity.
  • Reduced lead time: Minimal downtime means your product gets to your customers faster.
  • Increased scalability: Because of the previous two points, automation allows you to meet greater demand by cutting down on wasted time. Increased throughput and capacity leads to a greater bottom line for the company.
  • Improved workplace safety: Industrial robots take over the dirty, dangerous, and repetitive work that is notorious for causing musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Enhanced product quality: Robots are more precise, resulting in improved product quality. For example, robotic welders provide a clean and accurate weld every time so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary product recalls.

As you can see, automating even one portion of your production line will allow you to boost productivity and reduce downtime.

Industrial automation products

Check out these industrial products to start automating your facility.


Take a bold leap into automation by adding an industrial robot to your facility. The IRB 6600 ABB Robot w/ IRC5-M2004 Controller system is very flexible with bend-over-backward capability. This ABB robot model comes with a built-in Service Information System, allowing for it to easier plan service and maintenance.


Welding is par for the course in manufacturing. The Emhart LM310510TAAB Stud Welding Head has been specifically developed for use in an industrial robot. It may, however, also be installed in stationary units. In connection with a control and power unit and a stud feeding unit the Emhart LM310510TAAB Stud Welding Head is able to weld all standard and large-flange TUCKER stud types as well as Tstuds.


If you have a robot, you need a teach pendant. It gives your operator the flexibility to control a robot remotely. This teach pendant is for ABB robots, and iGAM carries KUKA teach pendants, NACHI teach pendants, and FANUC teach pendants as well.


The SMC MGP40-E1K02-25 Cylinder has a shorter guide rod and thinner plate resulting in a weight reduction of up to 17% over the original MGP. The series is designed for high-side load applications found in material handling, lifting, and stopping.


These Double Stacked Roller Conveyers will aid movement in your facility. Material handling is a time-consuming and potentially dangerous task depending on the size and weight of your materials. Conveyers are an easy fix to increase production speed and protect your employees.


Have a heavy-duty vehicle? Charge it with the PosiCharge ELT 600! This industrial battery charger has a 36-kw power output and up to a 600-amp current.


Circuit breakers prevent electrical fires and equipment damage during production. Add a few of these Allen-Bradle models at $10 a pop to protect your equipment and employees from harm.

Get trustworthy industrial products and services from iGAM and NRTC Automation

iGAM and our sister company, NRTC Automation, work together to make automation accessible for manufacturers of any size and phase.

Need equipment now to boost production? Great! iGAM is here to help.

We provide two ways to finance:

  • Fill out the quick application on the product page and choose the best financing plan from the nation’s top lenders.
  • Apply for credit with our partner Behalf and purchase any equipment you need while making low monthly payments.

Visit iGAM today to improve productivity and minimize downtime on your warehouse floor.

Are you looking to jump into automation, but don’t know where to start?

NRTC Automation can guide you from start to finish. The NRTC Automation Services will get you on the fast track to start increasing throughput and capacity in your facility. We’ll work with you to design, build, and engineer a custom work cell for your production needs.

We work with top auto manufacturers like Toyota, Ford, and BMW, as well as small- to mid-sized manufacturers looking to grow their businesses. With over a decade of experience, and with our professional engineers and technicians, we provide some of the best automation solutions in the industry.

Get ahead of the competition and start automating with iGAM and NRTC Automation today.

Trust us to build out your production line

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