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Welding is an important part of the manufacturing process. Without welding, we wouldn’t be able to connect metals without joints, screws, or other objects. Welding is a strong and secure method to connect metals and create a long-lasting product.

Because welding is so crucial to manufacturing, we should give it some attention! Read our collection of fun facts about welding.

9 Fun Facts About Welding

1. Welding dates to ancient Egyptian times.

Welding has been around for a long time. Welding tools and depictions of welders were discovered in an ancient Egyptian tomb dating around 4000 B.C.E. With such a long history, and the prevalence of welding today, it’s clear that welding is one of the foundations of manufacturing.

2. Robots weld, too!

There are specific robots designed to weld manufacturing products. They often have a clamp-like appearance and use thin rods to weld metals together.

3. Welding is possible (and natural!) in outer space.

When two metals collide in space, they will automatically weld together in a burst of light. Strangely enough, there is no sound when they collide.

4. We can weld in the ocean.

Underwater welding is a profitable career that can potentially be highly dangerous. Underwater welders repair pipelines, ships, and more in full scuba gear. Wet welding may seem like an oxymoron, but it’s possible and responsible for our access to fuel and sea transportation.

5. Welding isn’t limited to metals.

Glassblowers weld glass parts together to create intricate designs and products. Like welding, glassblowers use tools heated to high temperatures to mold glass parts into one product.

6. Welding is industrial, but it’s part of the arts, too.

Welding is used in more than industrial settings. Glassblowing can be an art, as can metal welding for fantastic sculptures.

7. Over 50% of manufactured materials require welding.

Welding is a part of manufacturing nearly everything you use daily. Your cell phone, laptop, car, and home all have been produced using welding. It’s hard to imagine what our world would look like without welding!

8. Welding made a huge impact in World War II.

Advancements in welding during World War II allowed shipbuilders to construct ships faster than ever before. The fastest built ship, to this day, is the SS Robert E. Pearly. It was built in less than 5 days and performed for nearly two decades!

9. There’s a welding method called “explosion welding.”

Explosive welding combines metal parts by forcefully attaching a metal part to another using chemical explosives. Due to the nature of explosive welding, the few shapes that can be created through this process are plates and tubes.

Welding is a necessity for manufacturing.

Without welding, we would not be able to build massive skyscrapers, smartphones, airplanes, automobiles, or even small objects like common tools. Welding is a necessity for society to continue building amazing structures and day-to-day products that allow us to live our modern lives.

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