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Purchasing industrial equipment and implementing automation is key to improving your production line and saving money.

A work cell is normally set up with the goal of achieving certain manufacturing applications. It consists of people, machines, and other equipment and tools required in your production line. Implementing these cells can lower the cost of production and increase productivity and minimizing errors.

Setting up your work cell starts with finding the right machines for the job. Then arrange them in a way that ensures the goods produced move seamlessly to the next stage, creating a logical progression of goods. There are several ways to set up your production line, including L-lines and U-lines.

Work cells play a central role in making sure that your production line runs as efficiently as possible. When planning for the required machines, choosing used equipment will benefit your work cell and your budget more than brand new ones.

Why buy used industrial equipment for your work cell?

#1: Save money Buying new machinery for your work cell can be a costly undertaking that can significantly reduce your business cash flow. That’s because manufacturing equipment is often heavy-duty and can cost thousands of dollars to purchase. Even smaller or lighter weight machines can require a large budget in order to purchase a quality machine with the correct specifications. .

Purchasing used equipment can save you thousands of dollars.  Buying brand new may sound like a good idea, but new does not necessarily mean you are getting value from your money.

Additionally, buying used equipment translates to lower sales tax and reduced initial purchase price. You can then channel your savings to other areas of the business, including a possible second machine.

#2: Avoid initial depreciation

Buying a new machine for industrial automation is not always ideal when you start to look at it from a depreciation point of view. The worst part of purchasing new equipment is the first 12 months, when depreciation rates are at 20% to 40%. Why lose this massive value in the first year when used equipment can deliver a comparable level of service?

Also, if you decide to sell after a given period, you won’t lose a large chunk of value from that first-year depreciation, and you’ll make more of a return on your investment.

It is worth noting that used equipment tends to hold its value for a while as long as proper maintenance is performed, which would still be a requirement for a new machine. Make sure that you record each repair or maintenance work to gain confidence from prospective buyers when it comes to decommissioning.

#3: Get the features you require

Manufacturers looking for a used industrial robot have the benefit of predefining the features that they require. Platforms that deal with used equipment provide you with a diverse collection of machines, assuring you find the features you need.

Unlike other niches technology sectors, like those with computers and smartphones, technology in manufacturing does not move at such a rapid rate. You may  usemachines that are a couple of years old, if not a decade or so. And they still work great.

Robotic solutions like the KUKA robot, ABB robot, and FANUC robot can remain applicable to your production line for years. Therefore, it makes sense to purchase used equipment where you can compare and contrast available features from a pool of many machines, and choose one that works the best for you.

#4: Get equipment when you need it

Depending on where you buy it, the process of buying a brand new robotic work cell can be quite engaging and long. Machines aren’t always immediately available. You may have to wait a while for it to be manufactured, especially with post-COVID shipping delays. In other words, there could be a significant time lag lasting several months, and losing potential customers.

Purchasing used equipment saves you from the trouble of waiting for months, causing downtime on your production floor. Used machines are available right away and will be shipped as soon as you place an order, allowing you to avoid unnecessary delays.

Buying used industrial machines also gives you the opportunity to review existing inventory online at your convenience.  Browse available models and search for the specs that will fit with your work cell design.

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