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Let’s face it: robots are expensive machines with numerous moving parts that require scheduled tune-ups and tests.  You do your research on the highest quality robots, but after the purchase, it is necessary to have coverage in case of technical issues. With iGAM’s MRO Warranty Coverage, you can be sure that you have both high-quality machines and the coverage to back them up.

What is MRO?

Manufacturing Repair & Overstock (MRO, Inc.) is a repair and sales company that specializes in manufacturing equipment and parts. When you purchase robots or manufacturing equipment through iGAM, MRO’s 20-month warranty guarantees the quality we demand of our equipment. Our interview with ______ of MRO, Inc. will delve into the nitty gritty of our warranty coverage.

Interview with Russell Looper

iGAM: So, what is MRO and how did it get started?

RL: My business partner, Justin Wilson, and I started a company in 2012 that provides manufacturing equipment repair and brokering overstock equipment for manufacturing companies. We’re a technology and solutions company; we provide our customers in the manufacturing industry replacement parts, refurbishing, maintenance, and predictive maintenance on their products.

iGAM: What kind of companies do you service in particular?

RL: We’ve done work for six to seven thousand companies ranging from two person shops to Fortune 500 companies. Some examples of our larger customers include General Motors and Mercedes.

iGAM: What types of industrial equipment do you repair?

RL: We repair anything in the manufacturing process from an electronics and automation standpoint. For example, products with circuit boards, industrial touchscreens, servo motors, full robot rebuilds, a lot of the parts and pieces that go into making manufacturing equipment work.

iGAM: And what is the process for testing these kinds of equipment for reparation?

RL: The process is different for each type of equipment, but the first thing we do when we receive a piece of equipment is evaluate it and grade it for reparability and the condition of the equipment itself.

iGAM: Once you evaluate the equipment, how do you decide if something is worth repairing versus being irreparable?

RL: Products that are not reparable are equipment that have catastrophic damage that cannot be reassembled. We don’t have many cases of irreparable equipment; our unrepairable rate is in the low single digits. We do repair the majority of the equipment we receive, even if it is poor condition. For items in dire condition, we have a department called Solutions that uses our inventory of parts and units that we can replace or use parts to exchange.

iGAM: How fast is your turnaround once you receive the equipment for repair?

RL: Generally, it’s 10 days or less. We do have a rush service where we fix equipment within 72 hours.

iGAM: What would you say is the most common kind of equipment you see on a week-to-week basis?

RL: We see a lot of servo motors, touchscreens, servo drives… They are the most prevalent in the industry. Every robot must have its own independent drive for each movement and turn, or one big drive that has multiple drives inside of it. Those robots are like your arm from your shoulder to your hand: your shoulder would have a servo motor, as well as individual servo motors for your elbow and wrist. And there would be a servo drive to control those servo motors. So those are the common products we see.

iGAM: How does the partnership between iGAM and MRO work?

RL: iGAM fills the void for MRO, and vice versa. iGAM has overstock equipment, integration abilities to build cells and things of that nature, and MRO has the capability to warranty iGAM’s inventory of products and provide solutions for that integration team if necessary.

iGAM: And what is the process of the warranty for iGAM’s customers?

RL: All the products are tested for quality assurance and certified by our technician before the customer receives them. If the customer experiences a problem with the equipment within 20 months of the purchase, they can send the equipment and have it repaired under their coverage.

iGAM: What does the MRO 20-month warranty coverage bring to iGAM’s customers?

RL: A big part of it is it provides the peace of mind that you are buying a piece of equipment that has gone through a testing and certification process. When you take the time to install it, it’s going to work properly. You also get the savings of buying a piece of equipment that is at a great discount and it’s covered under a better-than-new warranty.

Are you interested in our MRO Warranty Coverage?

You can take a look at our inventory of robots, servo motors, and more. All equipment that is covered under MRO Warranty Coverage will have the yellow and grey MRO icon in the top right corner of the product image.

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